An elementary school based on inclusive pedagogy

Eis Schoul is a state primary school which mission is to develop new ways of learning and teaching, based on the principles of inclusive pedagogy. The children are placed in mixed-age groups, from cycle 1 to 4 as well as in extracurricular care. All children are accepted in their diversity and learn, each at their own pace, to become independent, responsible, able to interact with others and express their opinion while respecting those of others.



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School visit for professionals

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Happy Birthday Eis Schoul 10 Joer

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Week of languages and cultures

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History of the school

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Common thread of the school

Since its inception, EIS SCHOUL has endeavored to establish a common thread through all the cycles and extra-curricular activities in order to ensure the coherence of curricula, assessments and educational measures. Today, this guide consists of 8 pillars: workshops, differentiation, communication, citizenship education, parental involvement, the Portfolio, projects and educational trips.

Maintaining and developing this guide will continue to be a major challenge for the whole school community.

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