Eis Schoul

Inclusive primary school

EIS SCHOUL operates according to the principles of inclusive pedagogy, i.e. we try to take into account the individual needs of all children and ensure their participation in all aspects of school and after-school life.

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EIS SCHOUL is a full-time day school. Thus, children can be supervised from 7:30 am in the morning until 6:30 pm in the evening in a single school compounded by a single team of adults.

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In EIS SCHOUL children learn and live together in multi-age groups, from cycle 1 to cycle 4 and in extracurricular supervision.

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EIS SCHOUL is a state primary school, preparing children for secondary schools (enseignement secondaire classique / général) in Luxembourg.

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From the start, the child learns to be responsible and independent. The promotion of a culture of giving feedback means that they learn to think about their learning and may under various circumstances plan their own learning and leisure activities.

Interaction with others and the world, is another major aspect. The children are placed in learning groups consisting of at least two different age groups. They learn to organise their speech and their thoughts, to express themselves in public, to argue, to have their opinions heard within the class council and to represent their group in the pupil parliament. The children regularly take part in theatrical performances and go on school outings and excursions.

All pupils are monitored, including those with learning difficulties and special needs, by the teaching staff and an interdisciplinary team made up of a welfare worker, a speech therapist, a pedagogue, a psychologist and a psychomotor therapist. The team is on-site at the school and provides personalised monitoring, with the parents’ consent.


Food and nutrition is also very important to us. The school kitchen prepares full meals, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, using regional and organic products; special care is taken for children with food allergies.