In accordance with article 6 of the law of May 13, 2008 "portant création d’une Ecole préscolaire et primaire de recherche fondée sur la pédagogie inclusive", teaching is offered within the framework of the following areas of development and learning:

  • "languages" including German, French, Luxemburgish and language awareness;
  • "mathematics";
  • "sciences" including science awareness, natural sciences, history and geography;
  • "body and health" which includes psychomotor skills, physical expression, exercise and health;
  • "arts" including creative expression, the promotion of aesthetics and cultural awakening, the arts and music;
  • "community life and values" which includes education in democratic values and citizenship as well as moral and social education.
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The evaluation in the EIS SCHOUL is implemented in accordance with the grand-ducal regulation of July 6, 2009 "déterminant les modalités d'évaluation des élèves ainsi que le contenu du dossier d'évaluation". The tools used in the application of these provisions are gathered in a portfolio which contains the intermediate report, the end-of-cycle report, the progress of each pupil, productions commented if necessary by the teacher, and the performance tests in "languages" and “mathematics".

Before entering secondary school, each pupil presents a thesis.

Every day, the pupils have the opportunity to express themselves on their learning process and its results, either in the context of an individual exchange with their teacher or tutor, or in the context of a ritualized exchange group, bringing together all the pupils of the class.

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