In EIS SCHOUL the idea of inclusion, of solidarity between children and adults from different social and ethnic backgrounds and with different talents and skills is fundamental. In this way, children learn to face differences and to treat others with care and respect.

Based on our common charter, we try to maintain a common thread in our school, from cycle 1-4 to Paradiso. This close cooperation between all actors at EIS SCHOUL allows us to constantly question, innovate and reinvent ourselves.


EIS SCHOUL promotes participatory citizenship education by setting up institutions in which pupils can experience that their voice, their projects and their actions matter. Thus, the classes meet in council weekly. Likewise, a pupils’ parliament also meets weekly. Within the class council and parliament, pupils learn to express themselves within the limits of respect towards others, to manage conflicts, to express their opinions and to compare their thoughts to those of others. Teachers and educational staff support the pupils in their discussions. They assist, listen and encourage the pupils.They ensure that everyone's rights are respected and support students not only in finding solutions but also in implementing solutions.

  • Class council, once a week
  • Presentation circle, 3-5 times a week
  • Pupils' parliament, once a week
  • After school advice, once a week
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