The development of a community of people largely depends on each individual's ability to enter into a dialogue and communicate what he/she is and what he/she thinks in order to try to understand and appreciate the other's point of view, even if the opinions are different.

EIS SCHOUL relies on the development of a communication culture based on the principles of the school charter, in which every member of the school community (team members, children, parents) can find his/her place. This communication culture influences the way we interact and work and has a considerable impact on the atmosphere throughout the school. At EIS SCHOUL communication is institutionalized on several levels.

Team exchange :

  • The 5 teams (cycle 1, cycle 2 to 4, cycle 5 (extracurricular team), the ESEB team, the school committee) meet at least every two weeks. Decisions on current issues are made in mutual exchange.
  • The coordinators of each team exchange monthly on issues related to the common thread of the school and inform the school committee of their assessments.
  • All staff meet at least three times a year to discuss topics presented to them by the school committee. The school committee ensures the proper functioning of the entire school in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of the City of Luxembourg.
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Exchange between pupils:

Each class meets at least once a week in a class council to discuss and decide on topics that have been entered in a class council notebook. The class council is accompanied by the teachers and graduate educators.

The pupils’ parliament meets at least once a week to discuss and decide on matters relating to the entire pupils' community, or on subjects which are submitted to it by class councils. The pupils’ parliament consists of 2 representatives from each class and is accompanied by a staff member.

The mediation table enables the pupils to resolve conflicts in a short term within a defined framework.

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Exchange between parents:

The parents' committee meets at least once a month to discuss the issues raised by parents and helps to plan and organize school events.

Exchange between school committee and parents committee:

The school committee and the parents committee meet regularly to exchange information on issues raised by the parents community and the school development plan. In addition, the parents receive an e-letter every week with reports on the events of the week and information about the coming week

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Feedback culture:

At EIS SCHOUL we practice a culture of feedback (TOP, TIPP) within classes and teams. This is a form of formative and constructive evaluation. Every child learns the method of TOPs (positive points) and TIPPS (constructive criticism, suggestions) already in cycle 1. The teams do the same in the context of the semi-annual reviews where they reflect on the progress and current status of their work.This method is in line with the values of our charter. It is rewarding and generates less frustration and blockages.

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