The portfolio in Eis Schoul is a documentation tool which is supposed to help the child to get to know himself and to be able to introduce himself.

The children already start working with their portfolio in cycle 1, both in school and after school time. And they keep it until cycle 4. The children’s portfolio grows and evolves over time as they develop their own skills.

At the end of his schooling at EIS SCHOUL, the child should be able to explain and justify his desire to enter the secondary school of his choice.

The Portfolio consists of 3 parts:

  • the Leporello documents the personal development of the child. It is renewed in each cycle and includes the following 4 topics:
  1. Me,
  2. Me and my family,
  3. Me and my hobbies
  4. Me and my wishes for the future.
  • the project booklet: At the end of each project, the child adds his project booklet to his portfolio.
  • the workshop notebook: At the end of a workshop session, the child receives a feedback sheet and inserts it in his Portfolio.