Projects are the result of interdisciplinary teaching. They stimulate and promote a variety of skills.

The pupils, curious by nature, are constantly amazed about the phenomena that surround them. At EIS SCHOUL, we support students in their questioning. They are required to ponder over selected themes and search for answers. At the end, they have to present them either in front of the class or the entire school community. The school staff support them in this process. Of course, project work, as one of the pillars of the school, is already implemented in cycle 1. Our youngest carry out collective projects on a chosen theme. In cycle 2, small groups are formed for project work and the children are gradually prepared for working on projects in pairs in cycle 3. In cycle 4, the pupil ends up with the pedagogical masterpiece which is to be carried out individually, and which will be taken into account as part of the orientation towards secondary school. The masterpieces are presented to the school community every year.

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The project booklet

The project work in EIS SCHOUL is defined by a catalog of precise instructions committing the pupil to work on a theme chosen by himself and to research it scientifically.

Thus, the pupils have to:

  • Choose a topic
  • Collect questions
  • Formulate hypotheses
  • Research and collect information
  • Interview an expert
  • Find answers to the questions
  • Do a practical work
  • Present their project

The project booklet contains all the necessary instructions and serves as a tool for documenting the development process. It is used in a simplified form in cycle 2 and is mandatory from cycle 3 onwards.It provides the teamwork in a duo. In this way, the project work supports the development of social skills and the students are expected to plan together, share tasks and, if necessary, find a consensus in order to move forward in their work. Each duo is accompanied by a tutor who supports them in the realization of their project.

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