Dear parents,

If you want to pre-enrol for 2023/2024, please fill in the relevant form and send it back to us until the 15th March 2023.

We would like to point out that we cannot accept all requests for schooling. The premises only have a limited capacity. However, since we always have more applications than free places, a selection must be made.

All applications are collected and submitted to a committee called the “Commission mixte”. The “Commission mixte” then makes a selection based on some objective criteria. We will inform you of the Commission's decision in early May.

The nationalities and the socio-economic status of the parents are decisive. The student body should be representative of the whole country. As the school is located on the territory of Luxembourg City, children with residence in Luxembourg City have priority. One or two children from single families are also accepted every year. In addition, the student body is made up of at least 10% children with specific needs.

After the new pupils have been selected, a waiting list is created for each age group. If there are still places available, the new pupils will be determined on the basis of this waiting list.

The waiting list remains valid for the remainder of the school year and then expires, i.e. parents have to renew their application for each school year.

You can find our educational guidelines under «INFO» (